Friday, March 21, 2008

Brand new chicks in time for Easter. Frances' Spring Chickens!

The original Ice Fishers!


July 4th, NYC.

Sound & Light Show, Pyramids, Egypt.

Who has the sun screen?

Fire fighting, California fall2007.

Firefighter, California, fall 2007.

A hero rat. Land mine sniffing Gambian rat.
Jeff Koons Bunny Balloon (Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, NYC). Art imitates balloon, balloon imitates art.

Nepalese girl with her pet rat.

Mammatus clouds

Way too cute!

Desolation road.

I hate baths!
Lake Louise, Banff Nat'l Park, Alberta Canada

Way too cute!

Joseph Holmes, Monet Brook


sandstorm, Sudan

And you thought you had a bad day!

What to do with your old pencils.

The day God spilled the paint.

Clouds, Texas.
Rainbow clouds, NM.

Super cell storm with funnel.
Silly cat.

Lake Almanor, CA